Who is a private investigator?

A private investigator is a freelance detective, who is not a member of the police force, that is licensed to do investigative work. They are often hired by individuals or a group of people to carry out an מכשיר הקלטה סמויinvestigation and often provide evidence. They are also associated with attorneys in criminal and civil cases.
Responsibilities of a private investigator.
The responsibilities of private investigators often vary according to the place the detective or the firm is specialized in. They include the following;
1. Many works with defense attorneys where they are hired to find evidence or uncover some criminal activities.( civil investigator)
2. Some private investigators work with insurance companies where they investigate suspicious claims from clients. (insurance investigators)
3. Sometimes private investigators are involved in the divorce cases to establish some of the conduct within marriage like adultery that set a ground for divorce. (surveillance investigators)
4. Some private investors can hire a private investigator to determine the due diligence of a company and find out whether the investment is risky or not (cooperate investigators)בלש פרטי
5. Some private investigators specialize in fraud investigation. This can range from investigating false identity, verifying work experience, and even identity thieves. (fraud investigators)
6. Some private investigators are hired to determine issues affecting a family like physical abuse, drug abuse etc. this can be used in cases like those of determining child custody. (domestic detectives)
7. Some detectives specialize in the investigation of a cheating spouse. Often hired by a suspicious person in a relationship to determine whether their spouse is cheating. (infidelity investigators).הקלטת שיחות

How to find a private investigator
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